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I will never forget this trip and the time we spent together: teachers and classmates.
Reika Takeuchi. Japan

Everyone was very professional. They made me feel part of the place, and very welcome. This trip has been good for both my body and my soul.
Craig Howard. USA

My stay at Mrs. Helena's house was one of the most interesting parts of my trip to Venezuela and I feel jealous about other students that will enjoy her hospitality for a longer stay.
Andrew Brown. USA

This school is highly recommended and should be a priority for anyone learning Spanish.
Ryan Raynor. USA

Chévere! Professionalism, disposition, quality, and affection were the most important characteristics of my stay at the CENTRO VENEZOLANO DE ESPAÑOL. It was my first, but not the last experience. I have learned much more than what I expected. Thanks.
Marjolaine Bergeron. Canada

The course was adjusted perfectly to our interests. And the trips, led by the teachers, covered our expectations. The tours to the beach and to Mérida were very well planned and we enjoyed them.
Gus Raney. USA

I want to emphasize what really impressed me the most: the availability and cooperation of teachers and personnel of the Centro Venezolano de Español.
Andrea Moerike. Germany

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