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Your Best Choice to Learn Spanish

CEVES Spanish Learning Centers welcomes you to Miami, the best city in the USA to learn Spanish.

Miami is an ideal city to learn Spanish. A large Latin American community offers you the opportunity to explore all of the cultures of Hispanic America. "Little Havana," where our Center is located, is the most popular Latin area in Miami; its population is 100% Hispanic. You will learn Spanish in a Total Spanish EnvironmentTM.

Often referred to as the "Gateway to Latin America," Miami's way of life is heavily influenced by the mixture of cultures that meet in this diverse urban area. Ethnic food, art and crafts abound in the area, as well as many colourful festivals and events.

Little Havana, Miami's most concentrated Cuban community, is centered around Calle Ocho (S.W. 8th Street), where visitors can enjoy steaming cups of "café con leche" or shop for exquisitely embroidered guayabera shirts and cigars made upon the finest Cuban tradition.

Miami is also gaining a well-deserved reputation as a sophisticated center of cultural arts. With the fastest growing cultural community in the United States, the Metro-Dade Performing Arts Center, the Bass Museum, Miami City Ballet, Miami Beach Cultural Arts Center, and the Florida Philharmonic present an invigorating season of music, dance, theater and art.

From the chic and culture to the alternative and outrageous, the colors of this city are varied and bright. Visitors are sure to find something to enhance their vacation experience in Miami.

Since 1990, CEVES is the largest organization in Venezuela that offers Spanish courses with two available Centers: Caracas and Puerto La Cruz. For your convenience, we provide you with a new Center in Miami, the Hispanic Capital of America.TM


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