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Caracas and Avila

Caracas, with a population around 5 million, is the capital and more populated city in Venezuela. It is located close to the Coast (La Guaira Port), but at an altitude of 800 meters (2400 feet), which gives it an unique climate.

Caracas is located under the Avila, a mountain that reaches 2600 meters (7800 ft.), where the Humboldt Hotel is located, which you can reach by cable car, giving to Caracas, one of its main tourist activity.
Caracas is also a cultural center. The museum of modern art, is one of the most important in south America and you can appreciate high quality works. Every year Caracas hosts an international Theater Festival, where groups from all over the world meet.

Caracas is known for the quality of its restaurants, where you can have meals from all over the world.

It also has several shopping centers, modern and luxurious that make shopping and interesting activity. Among the most popular buys for the tourists are gold jewels and shoes (consequence of the Italian immigration in the fifties).
Caracas has several parks. The biggest one is the Avila National Park, where sport fans can climb 400 meters (1200 ft) in half an hour, and be awarded with a beautiful view of the city.

Caracas´s inhabitants can enjoy all year long the beaches, located at only half an hour or the nice weather of the mountain, at a similar distance. One of the most popular trips is to "Colonia Tovar", a German village in the tropics.

Golf - Caracas Country Club

Hotel Humboldt
Hotel Humboldt



Teatro Teresa Careño
Teatro Teresa Carreño



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